Monday, December 29, 2008

DEC Confused about Our Comments?

Christine - I was reading through your report today, and noticed a collection of articles related to California mining industries, regulations, etc., and a history and mission for the PJHRP. But I did not see any comments or concerns relative to this operation, and the regs and NY specific situation and standards, or site-specific concerns that you had that you were requesting responses on. I understand that California has ozone and air quality related problems, however, Pittstown is not on the same air quality level as California (thankfully), so I am not understanding the correlation. Did you have site-specific comments and concerns for this proposal? could you send them to me? sorry.......

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> Nancy, I am particularly concerned about interference with our forever
> scenic green & blueway and the disruption the trucks will bring to the
> quiet enjoyment of the river and the surrounding wildlife, as well as the
> pollution the trucks and "particulate matter" from mining
> operations, -pollution of the sort that is not unique to any one
> geographical area but is common to all sand & gravel mining operations.
> Bottom line is that Mining has no place in or near residential communities,
> particularly ones like ours that are striving to preserve our rural heritage
> in harmony with nature. Despite with Mr Reeves says, the mining operations
> are LESS THAN A HALF-A -MILE from our Riverside community.
> Thanks
> CJ
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> From: "Nancy Baker"
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> Subject: Re: Comments / Pittstown Mining

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