Friday, April 24, 2009

1 Disoriented Little Brown Bat Spotted Flying Around Our House

Every year, from fall til spring, we have had bats in our attic. We used to think this was a problem and had started on a "brain-storming" campaign on what was the best way to get them out of our attic but still have them hanging around. Bats are one of natures best bug controllers. Each little brown bat eats up to 3,000 bugs, misquitos and gnats per day. We had consulted with some bat experts who were instructing us on how to build bat houses into which we had hoped our attic-dwelling bats would migrate into, once we have evicted them from our house.

Due to the bat-die off that killed 98% of our areas little brown bats,....that project has been put on hold. It just may be that there will be no more little brown bats to house.

I saw a single one flying cover our house yesterday, flying eratically in broad daylight, probably in seach of food (they are only supposed to come out at night) and it was a particularly cold day with the temps hovering just above freezing. I believe that single bat was all the rest.

Goodbye little brown bats. We will miss you. I am sure it will be a hot, buggy summer for us here on the river without you. Hope you come back someday.

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