Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sniper targets Ticonderoga horses

New York - June 15, 2010

A 20-year-old Belgian horse is walking around as it heals at Crane Mountain Valley Horse Rescue in Westport.

"It's totally amazing he lived," said Ed Mrozick of Crane Mountain Valley Horse Rescue.

For the past few weeks, the horse has been recovering from a gunshot wound to the back of its neck.

"He's lucky," Mrozick said. "It just missed his spinal cord by an inch."

While it was lucky to survive, the horse will spend at least the next six months recovering.

"He's doing good, he has a great temper. He knows we are trying to help him," Mrozick said. "We work on him; we don't have to hold him. He likes his baths; we have to constantly give him a bath."

While the horse recovers 20 miles from its home in Ticonderoga, police are busy trying to figure out who shot the horse and two others in May and early June. The other two horses are being treated at their homes. They too are expected to survive. The first horse was shot on the Crammond Farm. Over the next two weeks the two other horses were shot in this same area.

"Really this is a disturbing case," Ticonderoga Police Chief Mark Johns said. "Personally, in my experience as a police officer, it's the first time I've seen someone target horses like this."

Police do believe the cases are related. Each horse was shot sometime at night.

"The evidence so far indicates the weapon used, a high-powered rifle, is the same for all three horses," Johns said.

While police would not comment on a possible motive, they hint an arrest may happen soon.

"We are following several promising leads, and we are expecting to solve this in the near future," Johns said.

An arrest that will help ease the minds of the owners of the horses.

Matt Henson - WCAX News

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